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Renz photos

Pictures of Florencio 'Renz' Sancangco, 16 years old from Brgy Sta Natividad, Angeles City, Philippines

Florencio `Renz’ Sancangco’s life came to an end one October day in 2015 in Angeles City Philippines. In the last couple of years police in Angeles City Philippines have established a reputation for their corruption and aggressive behavior.  Renz was just grabbed off the street in broad daylight in front of many witnesses. The abuse and mauling he sustained over a long period of time in the middle of the day was also witnessed by many onlookers. Trouble is his captors who were beating him were Brgy. Councilors’ and police who are much higher up in Philippines society than Renz was. Whether Renz was arrested or abducted or detained lawfully or not pretty much depends upon the perpetrator’s status as well as the victim’s status in society. Renz wasn’t anyone important but his captors and killers are regarded as being more prominent than what Renz was. The protocols and legal requirements for arresting someone tend to differ depending upon various people’s status in Philippines society. If Renz had of been someone more important it would have been deemed as an abduction and unlawful incarceration instead of an arrest.  Renz was only a small 16 year boy of slight build who wouldn’t have been capable of defending himself. Although Renz was never formally arrested and never charged with anything it was alleged that Renz stole a cell-phone, though there never was any evidence or even any complaint to justify that claim. 

A witness who claims to have seen Renz being taken by councilor Saratan at around midday said that Renz was being mauled (abused and beaten) by the councilor. Renz might have done something wrong or he might not have done anything wrong. The relevant authorities and those who mauled him will certainly exaggerate things as much as possible, and they will want to misconstrue facts and details of what really happened. If there was no wrongdoing and no real reason to arrest Renz then they will no doubt manufacture something to try and legitimize their actions.  The main witness is dead and cannot defend himself. Other witnesses to the incident have been contained to some extent from the fear of threats being made against them.

One witness claimed that a lot of people had gathered and were watching on as Renz was being mauled and hurt by councilor Sony Saraton. She was too scared to confront them so she visited Renz's mother to inform her as to what was happening. Another witness claimed to have heard one councilor say ``gilitan na yan" (cut his throat). One witness claimed he heard Renz say he was going to be killed by the policemen. Renz was taken away and transferred between stations. When Renz's mother and the witness returned looking for him they were brushed aside and yelled at by the police and told to go away. They were not able to find Renz and were not able to learn anything about his whereabouts.  At around 9 pm they received news that Renz was already dead and was at the funeral parlor.

Renz's family and witnesses have since received a number of threats aimed at trying to persuade them to maintain their silence on the incident.

Renze’s relatives have since written letters and have also tried using social media to plead their case and try and seek justice for the murder.

Whether or not Renz stole a cell-phone, or was trying to sell a dodgy cell-phone becomes fairly irrelevant. Renz was small and weak and poor and not important and was an easy target for his assassins. Obviously they are going to accuse Renz of wrongdoing. Alleging that he stole a cell-phone appears to be a pretext to try and justify their detention of Renz. The Brgy councilor and police are unlikely to be questioned about the way they arrested Renz or the beating they gave him. They may have held a grudge against him for another reason. Renz might have made a comment or sly remark on a previous occasion or there might have been a grudge against another member in his family. The statements and claims made about Renz by the local Brgy councilors and police shouldn't be taken too seriously or given any merit. Obviously they will say and write whatever they can to protect their own backsides. The death threats sent to witnesses and family members suggests that they are very confident and self assured about having impunity and being above the law. The fact that there were so many witnesses while Renz was being mauled or beaten did not deter their mistreatment of Renz since he was killed afterwards. The threatening text messages that were disseminated afterwards say a fair bit about the complacency of Police authorities in Angeles City Luzon Philippines.

Renz dead

Pictures of Renz after he was killed.He obviously didn't slit his own throat. That is the work from someone else's hand.

Some local newspapers have described how Renz hung himself while in the comfort room (toilet) of police station 2.  They have tried to cover-up his death by claiming Renz committed suicide. Newspapers are seldom a trustworthy source of news or information. Too often they are part of the cover-up process by disseminating what the police and government agencies want them to print. The local newspapers and media organizations from around Angeles City and San Fernando don't want to go stepping on the toes of the police department or the government. The above pictures very clearly indicate that Renz didn't hang himself. He certainly didn't take his own life either.

Considering that Renz and his family are poor people who aren't important they are pushing their luck trying to seek help from politicians or government authorities in the Philippines. As one of the threats which was texted to them clearly says `nothing will happen'.


Text message 1




Text mess 9th Oct 2015 4.21 pm 

SUSOD KANA  (you will be next)
















  Text mess 9th Oct 2015 4.18 pm

Text mesage 2






(Be careful. You still have 3 small kids. Get on with your life.)












  Text mess Friday 9 Oct 15  5.41 pm 


(You are too courageous. Prove your accusations. Whatever you do, nothing will happen. You have plenty of bravado in an interview with the media. We can easily file a case against you.)




(Hey lady! You have the guts  to go to the press people. Be careful because you can easily  be located in Florida.)

(Florida in San Fernando Philippines)











What happened to Florenzio `Renz’ Sanciangco is quite clearly murder any day of the week. Some people would even consider it as premeditated murder. There is one certainty in relation to this kid’s death. The bullshit will continue to flow just like the lava did after Mount Pinatubo erupted in 1991.

It is always an uphill battle dealing with murders, injustices and human rights abuses when they are committed by the police. Police are always going to be staunchly defended by the government which created them and who finances their institution. Not only is it a problem in the Philippines but many other places in the world as well, including Australia. It is not just one isolated case nor is it just confined to the Angeles City Police in the Philippines. Police abuses against street children in Cebu were highlighted earlier this year when an eleven year old girl died after being kicked and abused while in police custody in Cebu City Philippines. Police were also involved in the death squads trying to rid Davao City of its street children. 

Written by: Dale Massey    

Below is the same story as a facebook post in Tagalog.

Facebook post in Tagalog   


Facebook post in Tagalog 2


In 2009 Dale Massey was working as a school teacher in the Gibson Desert in Western Australian. His employer the Western Australian Government’s Education Department where transferring him between different schools one day in a Toyota Land-Cruiser vehicle. The driver lost control of the vehicle and rolled it at high speed. Dale was a passenger seat-belted in the crumbled side of the vehicle.  He sustained numerous serious injuries in the accident. They wouldn’t provide him with any medical help after the accident.  Instead of taking him to hospital they took him to a remote desert community where he had to remain for 4 days with no medical attention. He had a fractured skull and multiple fractures to his neck, back and ribs. The number of fractures to Dale’s spine was in the double figures. The number of broken ribs he had was in the double figures also. As a result of the spine injuries his spinal cord was partially compressed in multiple places. The damage to his spine and spinal cord was severe and is irreversible. Some major nerve roots were also damaged and compressed. That restricted those nerves from functioning normally. The Western Australian Health Department prevented him from receiving any medical help whatsoever in Australia. The health department and education department both came under the same state government’s jurisdiction. The two institutions are closely linked. In remote isolated areas in Western Australia they work fairly closely with one another and collude with one another at times.

Unable to get any medical help or advice in Australia Dale Massey eventually went overseas to seek medical help. He received the right medical advice for his injuries just in the nick of time.  When his neurological symptoms worsened and deteriorated he had to have spine surgery overseas in the Philippines on two different occasions. Although the Western Australian State Government inflicted those injuries he had to pay for all surgery and medical treatment and medical advice out of his own pocket.  He had three options, paying for it himself or dying or being a quadriplegic. He chose the first option.    
The Western Australian State Government which caused the accident also controls the health system in that state. They also operate and control the insurance system. The insurance system is actually under the health department’s jurisdiction. As well as preventing him from receiving any medical help in Australia, they also tried to stop him from making an insurance claim for him injuries. The government likes to control and manipulate the system and the way insurance claims are processed. The same people who decide who can and who cannot receive medical treatment, also decide who can make an insurance claim and who cannot make an insurance claim. When a few doctors’ from Australia and overseas acknowledged some of his injuries it created a dilemma for the government.  It contradicted the fraudulent statements and claims that were made by the Western Australian Government’s Health Department. It was in stark contrast to their interests and wishes. They simply just kidnapped Dale Massey at Perth International Airport one day in April 2012. He was taken by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) under instructions from the government’s health department and insurance commission.  The abduction or kidnapping was done unlawfully and aggressively. They imprisoned him for four days before he was freed. 

After the kidnapping Dale fled Australia and stayed in the Philippines due to fear of further persecution and harassment from the Australian Government. He appeared to have fled Australia just in time. He later obtained a document from the Western Australian Government’s Health Department which suggested they were intending to kidnap him and incarcerate him again. It has been assumed that they were intending to get rid of him permanently. Possibly as a permanent solution to the multiple dilemmas faced by the Australian Government.

They wanted to cover-up the kidnapping and unlawful incarceration. They also wanted to cover-up the accident and his injuries. After the kidnapping the Western Australian Health Department manufactured fraudulent documents which purported Dale Massey was assessed by psychiatrists in Western Australia.  Their false documents fraudulently claimed that he was treated at a public hospital and assessed by their psychiatrists from their health department. It just so happened to be the very same health department which denied him medical help after the motor vehicle accident. It was the very same health department which tried to deny and cover-up his injuries from the accident It was the very same health department which kidnapped Dale Massey, or instructed the Australian Federal Police to kidnap him. In 2014, some two years after the kidnapping Dale Massey obtained a copy of the health department’s fraudulent documents. Their fraudulent documents appeared to have been manufactured while Dale Massey was out of the country in exile for his own safety. The health department’s fraudulent medical records/documents were so far from the truth it was ridiculous. The Western Australian Government Health Department’s fraudulent documents seemed to have some very sinister and devious intentions. Although they wanted to cover-up his injuries from the vehicle accident and they also wanted to cover-up the kidnapping and unlawful detention and they also wanted to prevent him from making an insurance claim, they also had some other devious intentions and plans for their fraudulent medical documents. They wanted to silence Dale Massey permanently to keep a lid on all their wrongdoing and anything unlawful they had committed. 

In Dale Massey’s book ACCIDENT COVER-UP he has elaborated on these events in considerable detail. He has written about the corruption related to those events.  It exposes why and how corruption occurs. It elaborates upon some corruption under a certain set of circumstances. If you want to read more about corruption, Dale Massey’s other book KILLING TWO BIRDS WITH ONE STONE elaborates upon a much wider range of corruption in Australian society. It delves into corruption at state government as well as federal government levels. It also delves into corruption in the judicial system and the way the government tries to influence and manipulate the judicial system. If you read DODGY DOCUMENTS by Dale Massey you will be able to get a small example of what to expect in ACCIDENT COVER-UP and KILLING TWO BIRDS WITH ONE STONE. If you read Dale Massey’s article titled INJURIES you will get an idea of the extent and scale of his injuries which the government was trying to conceal or cover-up.

Dale in hospital after surgery

Photo of Dale Massey in hospital in Manila Philippines after having spine surgery in February 2011.



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